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We are an open ear you can talk with (and other practical support) to help find, access, navigate, or contribute to medical research studies.

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Experience and Connections

Share your research experiences, connect with others like you and the research sector, and find opportunities to make a difference to research.

Contact us to discuss your experiences in research, join the  Research Gamechangers Facebook group  or keep in touch with clinical trials opening and ways to get involved and learn via our latest news.


We help give a voice to CCReW members and the issues that matter to them, to improve access to, the conduct, and experience of research as well as the resources & support available.

Current advocacy efforts include #PtInclusiveConfs, Consumer funding & remuneration, Trial Registration & Reporting, & Respectful Compensation for Trial Injury.

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CCReW Members are the people (including families and carers) taking part in and involved in medical research studies.

CCReW Believers are the individuals and organisations who devote resources to helping us support and advocate for the needs of the CCReW members.

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