Tracking your research activities – paid market research

With organisation comes empowerment.

- Lynda Peterson

As someone that is involved in lots of research projects with different people, organisations and systems, I've pondered about how better to organise and keep track of  meetings, tools and key information for all these different projects.

I've been wondering if this is also a problem for the CCReW (community and consumer research workforce) ie the people contributing to clinical trials and research studies, either as participants, carers of participants, or as consumer partners to research.

Over the next few weeks, I am conducting some paid market research interviews to understand better how CCReW organise themselves around research and what would be useful for people to have at their fingertips. There will be some compensation for your time contributing to this market research.

If you'd be interested in participating in this market research, and helping shape the support we provide to CCReW, please register your interest and availability online, or drop me an email.

I look forward to learning more from you.

Register interest in participating in paid market research